Phantom Galaxies

The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Mission FAQ

The browser based companion game for Phantom Galaxies
What is The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase?
The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase is a randomly generated, single screen companion game on HTML5. Pilot through the Ceres Quadrant, blasting through asteroids to mine Hermesium. This browser based game ushers players into a new corner of the Phantom Galaxies universe.
Bind a Gen-1 Planet to a Recon Mission to receive one bonus Gen-2 Planet Mintpass, and complete Check-Ins to receive your ASTRAFER haul. Players can claim their ASTRAFER and Gen-2 Planet Mintpass(es) once the Mission is completed.
How do I access The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase?
Players will need to hold a Generative Planet NFT, or be nominated by a Planet Holder, to play The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase, and will access the game via browser. You can access the companion game here, as long as you meet the requirements to play!
Can I play on Mac or Phone?
Yes, Mac users will also have access to The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase. As it is a browser game, it can be played on Desktop devices using a stable browser.
Mobile devices will be supported from this release via the MetaMask browser only.
What do I need to know about aborting Missions?
Aborting a Mission is the only way to unbind Planet(s) in order to start a new Mission, if there is one currently in progress. This can be done at the bottom of the Mission page, where you will be prompted to confirm your cancellation. Please note that if you choose to abort mid-Mission, you will not receive any ASTRAFER earned during completed Check-Ins to date. To earn any ASTRAFER rewards, you must have successfully completed at least one Check-In, and the entire Mission duration must be concluded.
What steps do I need to take to complete a Mission?
  1. 1.
    Go to The Ceres Quadrant: Recon page, and select “New Mission”.
  2. 2.
    Select Planet(s) to Bind to a Mission and click “Launch”.
  3. 3.
    Perform Check-Ins throughout the Mission duration to boost your ASTRAFER haul.
  4. 4.
    1. 1.
      If no Check-In is available, check the countdown for when the next is available.
    2. 2.
      If a Check-In is available, successfully complete the Recon game to boost your Planet’s ASTRAFER haul. Safely pilot your ship while destroying asteroids to collect Hermesium. Reach the required amount of Hermesium to complete the Check-In.
  5. 5.
    At the end of the Mission duration, the Mission is complete! You can then claim your rewards.
How often can I do Missions?
A Gen-1 and Gen-2 Planet can complete the Recon Mission once.
How many Check-Ins must be completed to earn a Mission’s maximum ASTRAFER haul?
A single Check-In will be available to complete for seven days. Once the seventh day has passed, the next Check-In window will begin. The duration of a Mission is 15 weeks. As such, 15 Check-Ins must be completed to earn a Mission’s maximum ASTRAFER haul. The Ceres Quadrant: Recon does not have a closing date, meaning you can begin your Mission whenever you’re ready.
Please note that while the only impact of missing a Check-In is receiving 0 ASTRAFER for that particular Check-In, you cannot go back to previous Check-Ins if you miss them. Once it's missed, it's missed. If you miss a Check-In and still wish to receive your Maximum ASTRAFER haul, you must abort the entire Mission and start again - note that you will be starting from scratch, with no progress saved from your aborted Mission.
How do I link wallets, or nominate a player to play on my behalf?
Linking wallets is a system we have designed so that organizations that own Planets, such as guilds and companies, can designate a specific group member to complete Missions. To link a wallet, the Planet Holder must be signed in and authenticated on the website. Proceed then to the Wallet Linking section at the bottom of the ‘New Mission’ page and enter the wallet address you wish to play on your behalf in the ‘Enter Wallet’ field. Press OK to confirm. The linked wallet will now earn Mission progress on behalf of the Planet Holder.
Once the new Mission is launched, the nominated player is officially linked to the newly-created Mission. This cannot be changed.
Note: Player wallets (or nominated wallets), cannot initiate a link - only Planet Holders can. Additionally, nominated wallets cannot abort Missions, only Planet Holders.
What can I earn through playing The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase?
You can earn ASTRAFER and Gen-2 Planet Mintpasses! Planet Holders cannot earn their ASTRAFER emission without engagement within The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase.
In this first phase, complete a Recon Mission with a Bound Gen-1 Planet to earn a new Gen-2 Planet Mintpass, i.e. for every Gen-1 Planet that has been Bound for the Mission, a Gen-2 Planet Mintpass of the same size will be rewarded after completion. Note that for each Planet, a Recon mission can only be completed once. Gen-2 Planets will not be rewarded with an additional Planet.
How do we get rewards?
After the Mission is completed, you will be able to Claim your emissions (both ASTRAFER and Gen-2 Planet Mintpass(es)) on the Mission page.
Even though each Planet can only be used in The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase once, we recommend that you hold onto it for future phases of Planet Exploration. You can read more about the future of Planets in our official Litepaper.
Who gets the rewards from completing Missions and how can I claim them?
After completing a Mission, only the Planet Holder will be able to claim the rewards on the website. All the rewards will be received by the Planet Holder's wallet.
After a Mission is completed, Planet Holders will need to view the Mission on the website and click the ‘Claim ASTRAFER’ button. They will then receive their ASTRAFER haul and Gen-2 Planet Mintpass(es) (if applicable) in a lump sum.
What is the ASTRAFER emission amount available for each Planet Holder?
ASTRAFER rewards are subject to change. At the launch of Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase, the maximum ASTRAFER amounts for each Planet will be as follows:
  • Small Asteroid - 7.5 ASTRAFER for Completed Mission
  • Large Asteroid - 34.5 ASTRAFER for Completed Mission
  • Small Planet - 93.0 ASTRAFER for Completed Mission
  • Medium Planet - 690.0 ASTRAFER for Completed Mission
  • Large Planet - 7837.5 ASTRAFER for Completed Mission
The total ASTRAFER for each Completed Mission will be spread evenly over 15 weeks of Check-Ins. Completing no Check-Ins will yield zero (0) ASTRAFER, while completing all Check-Ins will yield the Maximum haul totals listed above.
I have run into an issue with the game and need help. Where can I go?
You can reach out for any questions or assistance within our Phantom Galaxies Discord Server through the #help-and-support channel. Don’t forget to tag in our Player Support Coordinator, BFS Glam!
Do I need to have access to PG to play the game?
No. Everyone with access to an internet browser can play The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase companion game on all Desktop devices. All you need to do is own a Planet, and connect your wallet to the site, to enjoy your companion game experience.
Please note that mobile devices are intended to be supported at a later date.
I am a Gen-1 Planet Holder. Is there an advantage for me in playing The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase?
Yes, completing a Mission and all Check-Ins will earn you the maximum ASTRAFER haul AND a Gen-2 Planet Mintpass of the same size for each Bound Gen-1 Planet, which can then be minted into a unique Gen-2 Planet.
Other features to note:
  • A Planet can only complete the Recon Mission once. After completion, the Mission will no longer be available for that Planet.
  • Aborting a Mission will forfeit all ASTRAFER and Planet rewards for that Mission. The Mission can be taken again with the same Planets, but the player will be required to start again (no Mission progress is saved).
Will there be future updates/content?
Beyond the Recon Phase, The Ceres Quadrant companion game will expand into a full 3X style (explore, expand, exploit) and resource-gathering game set on the player's Generative Planet. Each Planet will consist of different hexagonal tile types, each with unique benefits based on their traits. This Recon Phase represents the first step in exploring a new universe, which will eventually connect to the Canis Major Galaxy you know from the Phantom Galaxies main game.
More information on these future phases is to come.
Planets need to be minted and fully terraformed to be able to Bind them in The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase. Will there be more information about possible Planet Traits and the impact of Catalysts?
Generative Planet minting has been live for a few months now, and we have already published an article with a guide on how to mint your Planet, as well as some essential information about the effects of Catalysts on Planet Trait probability.
We intend to release a second article going through the impact of specific traits in more detail. The exact gameplay impact is still being defined as work on Planet Exploration continues, but we will share more information about Planet Traits and their impact on future phases as soon as we can.
In the immediate term, only Planet size has an impact on The Ceres Quadrant: Recon Phase ASTRAFER earnings. No Planet Traits have any impact on the amount of ASTRAFER earned in this phase. Each minted Planet can only be entered into a Mission once, and while rewards will be claimable 15 weeks after starting a Mission (meaning mid December at the earliest), there is no rush to Bind your Planets to a Mission as there is no current closing date to the Recon Phase. We’ll have more to share on claiming later in the year.
I can’t connect using metamask
We are aware of an issue that will affect users on the browser of the Metamask mobile app, where connecting their wallet to the website will trigger an authentication message that does not go away after pressing sign. This authentication will not impact your access and once cleared, will not appear again on future wallet connections to the website.
Follow these steps:
1. Open the Metamask mobile app and access the browser.
2. Navigate to​
3. Connect your wallet by either clicking "Connect Wallet" on the home page or by navigating to 'The Ceres Quadrant' using the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the page
4. After clicking "Connect Wallet", you will immediately be presented with a wallet interaction to connect your wallet, followed by an authentication interaction.
5. The authentication interaction will require you to press "Sign" 2-3x until it is dismissed.
6. Once dismissed, you will be redirected to the actual 'Authenticate' page.
7. Click the 'Authenticate' button to trigger the proper wallet authentication interaction.
8. Once signed, you will be able to proceed in to 'The Ceres Quadrant' recon mission pages.